At Three Strands our purpose is simple:  We exist to help people tie into God, Community and Purpose.


Tie Into God:

At Three Strands we want to present an accurate picture of who God is, what He has done and the kind of relationship He wants to have with you.  There are a lot of false assumptions about God out there and a lot of misinformation.   At Three Strands we want to help you get to know who God really is, the love He has for you and the kind of life you can have living in Him.

Tie into Community:

Our priority at 3S is relationships. We want you to be in a real relationship with God and to develop real relationships with other people. At 3S, we want you to get tied into a group of people where you can develop meaningful, supportive relationships with people who are real. Whether you are a single adult, a child, a pre-teen, a teenager or a parent of one; whether you’ve gone to church your whole life or have never walked into one, Three Strands is a place for you…a place to belong…

Tie into Purpose:

And at Three Strands we want to help you figure out your mission.  We believe that God has created us to do more than just eat, sleep, work, clip our finger nails and do the stuff society expects us to do. He has created each of us to do something meaningful with our lives. Finding that something is one of the greatest experiences in life and at 3S, we are dedicated to helping you find out what it is, and working together to make a real difference in our community and the world.